Movement Mix/Mastering Service

Movement proudly launches exclusive Mix / Mastering services for artists & labels, treated by our professional mastering engineers !

Thyladomid soon on Movement

Another huge music personality joins Movement Recordings in Q2 2021 and it's time for Thyladomid to join our forces!

Movement welcomes Morttagua

Straight from Brazil, Morttagua delivers a bombing remix for his first appearence on Movement Recordings.. More info soon!

Remember Michael Burns?

Movement Limited's Ode to the legend Michael Burns aka BlueHaze / Panoptic, reworked by Paul Anthonee and Tash coming in April!

Tom Zeta on remix duties!

Dutch talented producer Tom Zeta is coming in April 2021 on Movement Recordings, remixing Forniva & Eleven Sins debut EP.. Stay tuned for previews online…

welcoming SUZé aboard!

Talented Hamburgese producer SUZé joins Movement Recordings with a massive debut EP entitled 'Tellement Belle' coming in March 2021!

D-Nox plays Gignesthai

Master D-Nox supporting the latest remix of Emi Galvan on Ruben Karapetyan's 'Gignesthai' on his latest stream, check this out!

Valando Tryfonos on Movement!

Valando Tryfonos on Movement Limited debut release remixed treatment by no other than Tash and Roni Iron, coming in March 2021!

Miss Monique joins Movement

After hosting our beloved Miss Monique for 1st time in Greece last Xmas, it's time to get busy on remix duties for Movement Recordings!

Astral Records !!!

Ãstrαλ (Astral Records) launches in March, focusing on Melodic House/Techno & Quality Electronic music, pwoered by Movement admin team & Paul Anthonee !

Alex O Rion welcome 2021 mix

Alex O'Rion climbs on #3 of 2020 Best Selling Artists of Beatport & he celebrates that with his 'Welcome 2021' mix on Soundcloud!

Guy J on Echos

The one & only Guy J supporting for once again Movement Recordings playing Not Demure's "Bellabony" on his latest Echos live!

Black Coffee's Track IDs

The african legend Black Coffee curating Kintar's remix on Roni Iron's 'Umatic Child' in his "Track IDs" playlist on Spotify!

Movement Limited !!

We are excited to announce the launch of Movement Limited, our new brother-label focusing on "Limited Editions", coming soon!

Digweed's Bunker 24

Digger features Framewerk's Pictures on a screen remix on Roni Iron, for another week - coming soon on Movement Recordings !

Movement Bookings incoming

Alexandros Djkevingr & Greg Ignatovich sign with Movement Bookings while their debut bomb-EP on the label comes in March!

Animal Picnic on remix duties

Animal Picnic on remix duties for their debut on Movement Recordings for Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss' forthcoming EP coming soon, stay tuned!

Kamilo Sanclemente on Movement

Kamilo Sanclemente announces debut EP on Movement in November with 2 special tracks & massive remix treatment.. More info soon!

Digweed supports Movement

John Digweed supports Framewerk's forthcoming remix on Roni Iron's 'Umatic Child' in Bunker #23 - soon on Movement Recordings !

Alex O'Rion debuts Hungary

Alex O'Rion announces his debut in Hungary in August 29 for Liquid Sounds.. Check the Official teaser of the event!

Burning Man: The Multiverse!

Excited to see Alex O'Rion invited by Celtic Chaos & Starkato by The Fluffy Cloud featured on virtual Burning Man: The Multiverse!

Kintar strikes back

Kintar strikes back on Movement remixing Roni Iron's 'Umatic Child' coming in October.. Stay tuned for more!

Kenan Savrun pres. 'Luminosity'

Our buddy Kenan Savrun delivers a massive EP entitled 'Luminosity' to come out in August remixed by Highjacks and John Cosani..

Hernan x Weird Sounding Dude

Hernan Cattaneo supports Weird Sounding Dude's 'Twenty One' recently featured in GLBLMVMT03 (India/VA) in his Resident 484 !

Matchy enters Top10

Matchy makes it in Beatport's Top10 climbing on #7 with his remix on Kostakis' latest EP on Movement!

Alex O Rion live for FP Beats (Arg)

Alex O'Rion delivers a massive Live Stream hosted by Argentina's FP Beats in collab with FreakMeOut.. What the full set here!

SHRII x Movement Bookings

We're proud to present talented dj/producer & performer Shrii in collab with Musifix entering Movement Bookings roster!

Guy J plays 'Fiend'

The one & only Guy J supports massively Alex O'Rion's 'Fiend' in latest Lost & Found Live Streams & gig in Hungary..!

GLBLMVMT03 Exploring India

We're thrilled to announce GLBLMVMT03 Exploring India compiled by Aaryan coming in Aug 17 with some great Indian producers!

Paul Anthonee live @ Meteora GR

Paul Anthonee invited by Subreal Prisoners performs at the gorgeous Meteora in Greece.. Watch the full performance!

Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss

We are excited to welcome Q.U.A.K.E & Aaron Suiss on Movement delivering killer EP coming in October.. Stay tuned for more!

Kostakis joins Movement

S.Africa-based Kostakis joins Movement & we're excited for his groundbreaking EP remixed by Matchy, Paul Anthonee, and Chris Sen !

Jerome Isma-Ae plays 'Sunspots'

Jerome Isma-Ae supports D-nox & Kalil remix of Starkato's "Sunspots" in his 4hr 'Progressive Journey' Livestream!

Alex O'Rion pres. 'Blue'

Alex O'Rion to present his long-awaited debut EP on Movement Recordings entitled 'Blue' with 3 amazing original tracks.. !


No one can stop us party! For this reason we launched the #StayHomePodcast series LIVE on Facebook with our Artists during lockdown!


We a new epidemic, Covid-19, controlable so don't panic! It's recommended to #StayHome & protect yourself and others..

BLOQUE announces 2020 dates

Our beloved Greek imprint of Bloque Festival recently announced the dates for 2020 edition and we’re more than excited!

SEQU3l EU Tour 2020

We’re more than happy to announce the European Tour of our beloved Indian star producer SEQU3l coming in May 2020!


Movement Bookings proudly presents for another year the infamous Italian duo of ARMONICA in Greece!


Our meeting date with Techno Habits Nicosia is getting closer, and we can't wait for one more night full of beats and melodies!


We’re so thrilled to discover the mighty Artbat supporting our Movement Artists & Releases on their tours & shows around the world!


In April 2020, our latest entry Alex O’Rion joins the forthcoming Hernan Cattaneo's, Sudbeat showcase in Amsterdam!


The -next big- event in Nicosia is here and hosted again by Techno Habits Nicosia, welcoming Adana Twins on 24th of March.


Movement Bookings welcomes the infamous Undercatt duo for the next Ãstrαλ, by Tash at Aigli Geni Hamam.