Valleverde joins Movement!

Valleverde join Movement for their debut EP with two remixes by the highly experienced producers Erly Tepshi and Wielki

 Valleverde is a brand-new project by Italian legends Joy Kitikonti & Maurizio Benedetta delivering their debut two-track EP remixed by Erly Tepshi and Wielki in Movement Recordings in Spring!

Joy Kitikonti who has already released hundreads of tracks during the latest years, both under his real name and under different pseudonyms, meets Maurizio Benedetta who was born artistically in 1996 at the Last Empire of Airasca (TO) where he proposes a progressive musical genre. In 1999 he is one of the authors of the Cage (Mad) of Troffarello (TO) and subsequently he is resident dj until 2004 at the Parhasar, historical Saturday night in Piedmont.

We can't wait to enjoy this mix!

Stay tuned!








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