Movement pres ASTRAL


Movement Recordings is back for the winter season at Aigli Geni Hamam presenting the debut of the very promising Ãstrαλ!

Movement Recordings returns to Aigli Geni Hamam with the new Estral(Ãstrαλ) concept at the monthly residency on Friday 1/11, featuring audio / visual performances & live acts, with MinimalicQuantum's "stellar curation"! The first episode presents, for their debut in Greece, the British JOBE of Selador, Chapter 24 Records, Movement, etc, after a series of tours in Asia, Middle East & Europe, along with Tash, head-honcho of Movement Recordings, producer of Beatfreak Recordings, Mango Alley, and resident of friskyRadio. In the intro set of the night FELYX (Sudam, Dialtone, Exotic Refreshment), while in the after-hours set, hailing from the beautiful city of Xanthi, Ekonpale.

The concept of Astral Body: A slim body that, according to many philosophers of antiquity, lies between the intelligent soul and the spiritual body .. From there, our astral wanderings begin!










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