Artist(s): Ben Coda
Track(s): Weekend Warrior
Remixer(s): Diogo Ribeiro, Tash
Release Date: 11/05/2015 


The 104th release on Movement Recordings welcomes Ben Coda back to the label for his first single. The UK producer first appeared on the Greek imprint in November of 2011 with his remix for Enormous Dee's 'Horny'. Ben's energetic, cross genre sound has always been perfect for Movement's broad music policy and it saw him return in 2013 to remix 'Guided by Vices' by Chris Meehan and The Chunky Fuckers. 2014 saw Ben rise even higher with several projects for Flow Records and Freegrant Music. Ben now presents his first ever single for Movement Recordings entitled 'Weekend Warrior' alongside remixes from Diogo Ribeiro and Tash.

Electronic music fans that have followed Ben over the years have seen several stylistic shifts in his music. It's allowed him to stay fresh and his latest 'Weekend Warrior' features a unique fusion of psychedelic design with progressive minded sensibilities. Spacious bass stabs and killer synth hooks carve out a deadly groove early on while a barrage of effects obliterate your senses as the break approaches. The interlude is brief and full of electricity with sheets of white noise building to an immense payoff which is sure to be magic on your dance floor. Just a massive track from Ben.

The first interpretation of 'Weekend Warrior' is provided by Tash who is making his 29th appearance on the label. The Movement Recordings boss has already made a huge impact on 2015 with his 'Rebirth' single courtesy of Just Movement. The Greek producer has a keen nose for the dance floor and his interpretation of 'Weekend Warrior' proves that once again. A driving groove, effects storyboard and melancholic overtones carry the track into the main break where Tash unleashes some magic. Phasing tones, catchy vocal stabs and a discernible tension deliver a huge climax coming back and make for a rousing conclusion. Brilliant remix from Tash who continues to impress.

The second and final interpretation of 'Weekend Warrior' is provided by Diogo Ribeiro who is making his third appearance on Movement Recordings. The Portuguese producer is renowned not only in his home country but also worldwide for his releases on Iboga Records, Flow Records and Tribal Vision. 2015 has already come with remarkable success for Diogo. Remixes for Balkan Connection and The Purr have been highlights and his interpretation of 'Weekend Warrior' continues that great momentum. Diogo's productions always carry this remarkable energy and it's infectious here once again. Backed by a romping groove, fresh electronics and killer drums the records first act builds mightily towards the main break. Rolling synth hooks and a swirling build provide fireworks during the break and the huge finale is the icing on the cake. A huge remix from Diogo which goes down as one of his all time best. An amazing selection of talent and music once again from Movement Recordings. Don't miss it.

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