Artist: Stefano Mappo
Title: Inafferrabile
Release Date: 21 April 2023

Supported by: Haze-M, Paul Anthonee, Tash, Paul Sawyer, Lonya, Mashk, D-Compost, Cream (PL), Sanjay Dutta, Four Candles, Leandro Silva, Fernando Ferreyra, ao.

Tash's Movement Limited rounds out the month of April by welcoming Stefano Mapo to the label for his debut EP. Born in Brescia but now calling Milan home, Italian artist Stefano Mapo first emerged in 2019 with a series of releases via Trippy Code. Armed with a fresh approach to melodic house and techno, Stefano's club friendly sound would lead to projects via Polyptych, Three Hands and Transa Records. Now, adding Movement Limited to his resume, Stefano debuts on the label with a three-track showcase entitled 'Inafferrabile'.


Beginning with 'Erase Me', Stefano crafts a sleek framework of punchy beats and nicely manicured percussion. Its rhythmic energy grows quickly, as emotive vocals and bleepy arps smoothly shift energy into buoyant basslines and clever rhythmic co-actions. The main break builds tension and emotion masterfully, as vocal phrasing opens up against a wall of panoramic synths and shimmering textures, before eventually breaking off into a thumping finale.

Selection two 'Inafferrabile' continues the chunky melodic style set by its predecessor with astral synth lines and thunderous grooves setting the piece in motion. Metallic tonal themes and quirky effects add to the narrative, creating anticipatory vibes leading into the main break. Expansive and well crafted, the interlude captivates with its warm emotional phrasing and timely modulation, smoothly building to a groovy drop and rejuvenating third act.

The release concludes in fine fashion with the darker monochromes of '12/06'. Beginning with perfectly sculpted beats and shapeshifting arps, it's a production that's striking from the start. Rolling percussive arrangements slowly encase the framework, as the low-end moves through swing-heavy undulation leading into the break. Building to a glowing apex across the centrepiece, wavy arps percolate against a backdrop of placid pads and poignant chords, eventually getting washed away for a groove-centric finale to round out the EP on a strong note.

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