Artist: Stones & Bones, Carlos Busto
Title: Occlumency 
Release Date: 19 May 2023

Supported by: Lexicon Avenue, Gai Barone, Fernando Ferreyra, Ziger, Nick Varon, Paul Sawyer, ao.

The latest release from Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Stones and Bones to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from South Africa, the Stones and Bones duo have been fixtures of the afro-house scene for well over a decade. The Pretoria residents have taken their worldly sound to an array of cutting edge imprints, most notably Merecumbe Recordings, Unquantize, Moblack and FOMP. Also accomplished as DJs, Stones and Bones remain one of their country's most exciting acts, oftentimes incorporating live saxophone, guitar and vocals into their sets, resulting in a uniquely fresh approach to music programming and dancefloor dynamics. Now, following their latest Merecumbe vehicle 'Afronova', Stones and Bones pair with vocalist Carlos Busto for their Movement Limited debut 'Occlumency'.

Fuelled by rhythm, groove and a hugely memorable vocal; its exotic drum arrangements, bubbly bass lines and cutting edge effects resonate on a transcendent level. Fluid and energetic across the first movement, it's this swing-heavy momentum which provides a bridge into a well crafted break. Sitting comfortably in an emotive yet thought provoking space, Carlos' vocal emerges in grandiose fashion, taking centrestage across the interlude as hopeful pads and wavy arps eventually melt down to a tasteful drop and lively percussive finale. Also included for the less vocally inclined is the Instrumental Mix, which carries the same arrangement and dancefloor sensibility, making it an additional weapon for your sets.

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