Artist: Blu Attic
Title: Avarice
Release Date: 31 March 2023

Supported by: Gabriel Ananda, Steve Parry, Lexicon Avenue, Oliver & Tom, Ziger, Lonya, Dj Ruby, Dowden, Peter Makto, ao.

Tash's Movement Limited rounds out the month of March by welcoming Blu Attic to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from India, Aniket Jain aka Blu Attic has quickly emerged from his country's electronic music underground. With a nostalgic melodic style, Blu Attic's progressive minded creations have found a home on Blue Magenta, Routine Espresso and Sommersville, the latter of which has served as his primary landing spot with three singles released across a twelve month stretch. Now, adding Movement Limited to his resume, Blu Attic makes his label debut with a two-track showcase entitled 'Avarice'.

Getting the release underway and sitting as one of Blu Attic's most engaging productions to date is 'Avarice'. Warm beats and a full, rolling groove set the foundation for a narrative of dreamy vocal fragments, wispy effects and heartfelt harmonics. Pushing a poignant mood into the break; Blu Attic marries emotive chord changes with glassy arps across the mood lifting interlude, building emotion with each successive pass, as filtered effects open up, before eventually giving way to a thumping drop and key changing finale.

The companion piece 'Renaissance' continues the emotive lean of the release and lands with a deep contemporary quality. Smooth and melancholic throughout, it's a collage of warm pulsating beats, arpeggiated co-actions and balmy pads which captivate leading into the break. Charming textural phrasing and vocal overlays emerge as the centrepiece unfolds, bringing with them esoteric moods and reflective energies, before a tasteful drop puts your senses on high for a smooth conclusion.


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