Artist: Wilakusha
Title: Cleansing Tides
Release Date: 24 February 2023

Supported by:  Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier, Gai Barone, Grazziano Raffa, Lonya, Ziger, Pedro Mercado, ao.

Rounding out the year's second month, Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Wilakusha to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Mozambique, Igor Cipriano aka Wilakusha has been crafting his unique blend of afro, organic and melodic sounds since 2020. A debut via German imprint Neele Records would set the course for well received projects across the next three years. Now, stepping up for the most anticipated release of his young career, Wilakusha debuts on Movement Limited with a three-track showcase entitled 'Cleansing Tides'.


Getting the EP underway with title selection Wilakusha marries rolling grooves with exotic percussive arrangements and cross-cultural themes. Pronounced and warm, a vibrant selection of free form motifs and evolving atmospheres elevates mood across the first act. The main break adds further depth with flicking arps and soulful phrasing bringing a mystical mood, before shifting energy into a groovy drop and transcendent finale.

Continuing with a mosaic of sounds it is 'Sonda' which finds a nice balance of organic and melodic themes. From warm and mystical beginnings, the piece pulsates with woody percussion and wavy arps flowing effortlessly into a memorable break. Ethnic themes and dulcet stabs drift over broken beats highlighting the thought-provoking centrepiece, perfectly teasing the senses, before getting washed away as the beats reset for a groovy finale.

Rounding out the release are the late-night vibes of 'Sol Invictus'. Immersive and captivating throughout, its deep, dubby energy and organic qualities are perfectly crafted for maximum mood setting. As the narrative evolves a ideal balance of misty harmonics and pulsating rhythms unite, foreshadowing a break that is equal parts riveting and emotive, as the voluptuous groove drops for a transcendent finale.


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