Artist: Roni Iron
Title: White Walkers
Release Date: 27 January 2023

Tash's Movement Limited opens the new year by welcoming Roni Iron back to the label for a new EP. Based in Athens, the Greek artist has found a comfortable home on the Movement label family. Roni's debut on the Greek imprint came in 2015 with a well-received remix of Candy Lips' by T.Pals and John Teki, before going on to contribute original productions to the label's 'Modern Filosophy' and 'Technical Progress' collections, two projects which would eventually lead to Roni's first EP release for the label in 2020 entitled 'Hidden Places'.


Label offshoot, Movement Limited has also been a landing spot for Roni's otherworldly sound, with the Greek artist delivering a remix on the label's inaugural release, before going on to record two EPs 'Reborn' and 'The Mushroom Forest' across the last two calendar years. Now, as 2023 begins to take shape, Roni makes a welcome return to the label with a two-track showcase entitled 'White Walkers'.

With a transcendent flair, it is 'The Second Coming' which sets the tone for the release. Warm, voluptuous basslines lay the foundation for balmy synth phrasing and haunting overlays to work their magic. Dusty percussive arrangements maintain a buoyant cadence, while timely textural shifts continue to elevate mood leading into the break. Masterfully constructed, the interlude delights with its cross-cultural musicality and spiritual vocals, eventually giving way for a finale that is both spirited and groove-centric.

Moving forward with 'Night's Watch', Roni sustains an understated yet groovy energy. Fluttery instrumentation and chunky bass lines set the course for dubbed out tones, vibrant arps and choir-like vocals to work their magic. Designed for the deeper dance floors out there, its timeless qualities conclude a character rich two-track showcase from one of Greece's long running musical mavericks.


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