Artist: Paul Anthonee
Title: Hidden Files
Release Date: 2 December 2022

Supported by: Fideles, KOROLOVA, The Element, Anthony Pappa DJ, Darin Epsilon, Arude, Gai Barone, Oliver & Tom, ZIGER, ao.

Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Paul Anthonee to the label for his debut EP. Based in Cyprus, Paul Anthonee has a long history with the Movement label collective. In addition to being one of his country's most recognizable electronic music artists, Paul has appeared on Movement Recordings nine times over the last half-decade, while also recording two EPs and a remix for Astral Records, a label for which he operates as the lead A&R. In addition to an extensive history with the Movement family, Paul has also showcased his music via Beatfreak Recordings, Lost On You, Parquet, Running Clouds and Steyoyoke. Now as 2022 winds to a close Paul makes his long overdue Movement Limited debut with 'Hidden Flies'.

While Paul is best known for his floor-filling melodic house and techno sound, here we get to see a different side of his studio repertoire. First track 'Silence is Forbidden' is instantly seductive, with its hopeful vocal phrasing, meandering arps and bed of lush breakbeats which ultimately carry the emotional five-minute journey. Meanwhile, the companion piece 'Inner Echoes' continues to diversify Paul's portfolio as laid-back beats, exotic percussive arrangements and a nature-centric backdrop perfectly foreshadow a melancholic lead and thought-provoking finale.

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