Artist: 8-but Culprit
Title: Metamorphosis
Release Date: 2 July 2021

Supported by: Wurtz, Steve Parry, Ziger, Newwman, Graziano Raffa, RIGOONI, Peter Makto, Fabrice Dayan, Oliver & Tom, Juliane Wolf, K Loveski, ao

The latest release from Tash’s Movement Limited welcomes 8-Bit Culprit to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from India, Faraz Ehsan aka 8-Bit Culprit first emerged in 2016 with a contribution to the Soupherb Records ‘Sub Continental’ collection, before finding a home on Qilla Records with a remix and EP in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Faraz’s ‘less is more’ philosophy has made for a meticulous discography, where his ever-evolving take on electronica has continued to impress with releases on Anathema Records, Art Vibes Music and Click Records. Now presenting his first release of 2021, the Kolkata resident debuts on Movement Limited with the ‘Metamorphosis’ EP.


Spread across three tracks, 8-Bit Culprit’s ‘Metamorphosis’ is an eclectic blend of electronica which is emotionally compelling throughout. The journey begins with the broken beats and devilish effects of the title selection. It’s bulbous rhythms and intriguing acid stylings make for a compelling first act, before emerging atmospheres and timely modulation push the narrative towards a tastefully twisted finale. Maintaining this esoteric ethos is the second selection ‘Soliliquy’, with its alluring undercurrent and acidic warbles. Indistinct vocals and textural drifts add further depth to the robust foundation, as an array of psychedelic design takes you home. The mesmerizing ‘Compos Mentis’ further cements 8-Bit Culprit’s elusive vision, as a pulsating core gets complimented with meditative arps, ethereal phrasing and shuddering bass tones. Arcane in mood, it’s opulent themes might be its strongest suit, tactfully building to a charismatic crescendo, as acidic meanderings accent a hopeful finale. Free flowing and timeless in equal measure, it rounds out what is an exceptional collection of music from 8-Bit Culprit, one which sees the Indian artist’s creative prowess continue to grow.


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