Artist: ArshiyaZi, Adoxa
Title: The Host
Remixers: Paul Anthonee, My Flower
Release Date: 24 December 2021

Supported by Innellea, Kevin de Vries, BLANCAh, Binaryh, Paul Thomas, Nick Devon, Grigoré, Losless, Fat Cosmoe, The Element, Alexandros Djkevingr, Wurtz, Abstraal, Sean & Dee, Paul Angelo & Don Argento, Emiliano Demarco, Nohak, Moodayz, Asonante, Axel Haube, Leghet, Opposite Ways, ao.

Astral Records caps off a successful first year by welcoming Arshiyazi and Adoxa to the label for their debut EP. Hailing from Iran, Arshiyazi and Adoxa have been deeply entrenched in the world of melodic house and techno for the last two years. Although at the beginning of his production journey, Adoxa has already notched an impressive offering via Songtradr, where his astral techno sounds paired with GeniusP for a stunning seven track showcase. Now adding Astral Records to his resume, Adoxa pairs with Arshiyazi who is on the cusp of his first ever release. Together the duo presents their 'The Host' EP, alongside remixes from Paul Anthonee and My Flower.

Working perfectly within the label's sonic profile are the arcane sounds of 'Your World'. Backed by a warm yet punchy groove and tight rhythms, its fluid drive quickly becomes infectious. Mystical vocal elements paint a compelling narrative as the first takes shape, while wonky synth phrasing and icy atmospherics offset each other nicely. Sitting at the heart of the track is a cavernous interlude where the vocal lands in greater prominence, flowing through a maze of sonic artefacts onwards to a tasteful drop and meditative finale. The companion piece 'Ecorche' finds the duo flexing the electronica side of their studio repertoire. Smooth and rhythmic in all the right ways, indistinct vocal fragments and plush tones blanket an underbelly of broken beats and elastic-like hooks. Building an emotive narrative across the first act, placid pads descend over the framework with a heartfelt glow, perfectly setting stage for an impassioned interlude and goosebump worthy finale.

The lone interpretation of 'Your World' is provided by label A&R Paul Anthonee who returns for his third appearance. The Cyprus based producer has the distinction of delivering the inaugural Astral Records offering earlier this year with the release of his 'A World Beyond' EP. August then saw Paul return to the label with a well-received remix of 'Remedial' by Moodayz and Areeas. Also laying claim to outings courtesy of Beatfreak Recordings, Lost On You, Parquet, Steyoyoke and Suara, Paul now returns to Astral Records with a compelling rendition of 'Your World'. Leaning closer to techno inspired territory, the Cypriot artist carves out a cavernous groove adorned with fiery percussion and electric rhythms. Building tactfully through percussive flurries and tightly wound arps, the vocal narrative eventually emerges, bringing depth, space and emotion, before giving way to a cinematic centrepiece and thunderous conclusion.

The release concludes with My Flower making his label debut and providing the lone interpretation of 'Ecorche'. Born out of the Lula Circus project, My Flower first emerged in 2015 with a release via Stem Records, before going on to find a home on Hunter Game's Just This imprint, where he has released four projects across four years with great success. Now bringing his inimitable sound to Astral Records, My Flower rounds out the release with a powerful take on 'Ecorche'. Directing the energy of the original closer to the dance floor, the Italian artist opens up the framework for a greater sense of space while utilizing wavy, shapeshifting arps and fuzzed out sonics to create a narrative which splits time between the meditative and emotive. An inspired remix from My Flower which caps off an impressive debut for Arshiyazi and Adoxa, an artist duo you will certainly be hearing more about in 2022. Highly recommended.

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