Artist: Paul Anthonee
Title: The Machines
Release Date: 17 March 2023

The latest release from Astral Records finds Paul Anthonee back in the spotlight with a new EP. Acting as the label's AandR, the Cyprus born Greece based producer has been a primary contributor to the imprint since its inaugural offering two years ago. The Thessaloniki resident has recorded eight originals and two remixes for the Greek imprint, appearing most recently in cooperation with fellow countryman Paul Angelo and Don Argento as part of the label's 'Celestial' Pt. 2 collection. Also finding a home on Parquet, Running Clouds, Steyoyoke and Suara, Paul now makes a welcome return to his comfortable home of Astral with a two-track showcase entitled 'The Machines'.

Beginning with the panoramic synth textures and prophetic vocal samples of 'We Are The Machines', Paul flexes his free-thinking muscles with a creation equally at home on a peak time dance floor or floating above a festival skyline. A euphoric shade is revealed through trance inducing melodies across the main break, rising against a backdrop of welcoming pads, all while bringing a tasteful balance of tension and emotion as the groove drops for a thrilling conclusion.

Meanwhile, the companion piece 'Epilipsia' is an apt barometer of where Paul's headspace is at, as he lets striking chord stabs and robotized themes blanket tough beats, rippling grooves and detailed percussive arrangements. Paul's instinctive ability to tip a dance floor over the edge is reaffirmed with sci-fi vocal samples and shapeshifting atmospherics carrying into the main break. Looking to bring even greater drama, the centerpiece delights with its cavernous sense of space and buzzing sonic flurry, eventually giving way to striking drop and suitably charged finale.
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