Artist: Shrii
Title: Cages
Release Date: 2 September 2022

The latest release from Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Shrii back to the label for her debut EP. The renowned Indian vocalist and producer has collaborated with some of electronic music's most creative talents. Joint projects with Bodaishin, Nandu, Nhii and more have led to releases via A Tribe Called Kotori, Human By Default, Siamese and Out Of Options. Also a frequent collaborator with Movement Recordings boss Tash, the pair have showcased their deep creations via Mango Alley and Movement Ltd, the latter of which came in July of last year. Now returning to the label for her first solo project, Shrii presents a three-track showcase entitled 'Cages'.

Opener 'Cages' is an apt barometer of where Shrii's headspace is at, letting timely vocal fragments and exotic percussive arrangements descend over buoyant beats and rippling grooves. Creamy pianos and soulful overlays cue full vocal phrasing across the main break, tactfully moving forward as broken beats provide a bridge into a funky, key changing finale.

Moving forward on a housier tip are the funk fuelled groves and retro synth swagger of 'Inside'. A spirited dance floor jaunt powered by hopeful sonics and wispy vocals. Its adventurous spirit is something Shrii relishes in, as she continues to flex her free-thinking muscles, and in turn nails that rare compositional balance of musicality and groove.

Continuing on a hopeful monochrome is the soundscape science of the collection's closer 'Void'. Tranquil and thoughtful in equal measure, it's a composition that further cements Shrii's elusive vision, as textured beginnings morph into a meditative, consciousness-expanding conversion of colour and sound. Its calming nature provides a much-needed curveball for the more astute connoisseurs out there, one which ultimately rounds out the release on a high note.



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