Artist: ReCorpo
Title: Tear
Remixer: Paul Anthonee
Release Date: 19 May 2023

The latest release from Astral Records welcomes ReCorpo back to the label for his debut EP. The Italian artist has compiled an impressive discography since creating the moniker ReCorpo in 2021. ICONYC, Nova Collective and Suprematic have served as landing spots for his atmospheric brand of Melodic House and Techno, while the genre's tastemakers have chimed in with support. Also, no stranger to Astral Records, the Naples resident made his label debut with the lead selection on 'Momentum', a critically acclaimed Various Artists EP from April of last year. Now, on the strength of releases via Rikodisco and Eye and Eye, ReCorpo returns to Astral with 'Tear', alongside a remix from Paul Anthonee.

Aimed squarely at a peak hour dance floor, EP opener 'Tear' finds ReCorpo composing with a strong sense of space. The Italian artist masterfully marries trance-inducing rhythms and clattering percussion with punchy beats and rolling grooves. An array of elastic-like hooks andairy vocal fragments stealthe air across the first act, adding texture and depth leading into theheart of the journey. Void of a primary break, its timely modulation and key changing grooves continue to elevate mood across the second movement, creating anticipatory moments, before giving way to the thunderous groove for a charged finale. The companion piece 'Haul' lands witha deeper, more ethereal approach. Enticing from the start, its punchy grooves and sentimental motifs marry perfectly for emotional dance floor moments. Pushing the narrative further, Bodzin-inspired sonics steal the air, as wobbly chord changes capsize the groove leading into the break, before emotion peaks for a finale that is equal parts groovy and nostalgic.

The release concludes with Paul Anthonee returning to the label with the lone interpretation of 'Tear'. Acting as the label's AandR, the Cyprus based producer has been a primary contributor to the imprint since its inaugural offering two years ago. Anthonee has recorded ten originals and two remixes for the Greek imprint, appearing most recently with his heavily supported 'The Machines' EP. Now, continuing what has been a standout year, Paul returns to Astral with an inspired revision of 'Tear'. Drawing inspiration from the original, Paul layers flickering percussive arrangements and arcane electronics atop punchy beats and rippling grooves. Mysterious and thought-provoking throughout, it's a heady amalgamation of sound which makes for an energetic yet atmospheric journey, elegantly melting down to cinematic phrasing, fluttery vocal gates and hopeful melodies, before a cluster of astral sonics sparks an immense finale.
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