Exe Bunge

Exe Bunge got interested in Electronic Music from a young age, listening to his big brother's albums of Moby, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack & Pink Floyd.

His love for music grew expotentially & nowadays he is fully advocated to music, studying Classical Composition in UCA (Bs As) and working on various Commercials & Short Movie Soundtracks.

He is part of Paradigma agency, gaining a respected spot in Buenos Aires Underground scene. Having played in venues such as Crobar & Bahrein, and shared nights alongside with Martin Garcia, Agents of Time, Khen, Dmitry Molosh, Marcelo Vasami, Tash, Jimmy Van M, Pablo Bolivar, John Cosani, Maxi Degrassi, ao.

In the Production field, he has edited in labels such as 3rd Avenue, Bumeran Musica while his tracks have been receiving the support of Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, GUy Mantzur, Sahar Z, Chicola, Nick Varon, Interaxxis, ao..


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