Tiziano Sterpa

Tiziano Sterpa is a dj/producer born in Rome. A place that has always paid more attention to the old school techno sound. Growing up there, he got influenced by this movement and at a very early age he started producing and playing his own sound, becoming part of the city's militant illegal rave scene. Very soon he change his point of view about electronic music defining in the years his new style.

After moving to Amsterdam (NL) he fall in love with minimal-techno and with the actual club scene getting inspiration by artist like Richie Hawtin, Ambivalent, Paco Osuna and many more. Keeping on producing Tiziano grows his knowledge in djing as well, getting resident in some of the best dutch clubs.

Keeping on experimenting new ways of composition as well, Tiziano is now part of the minimal-techno scene,  known for his several releases on labels like Black swan recordings, Minihard, symbiotic and for opening in 2015 his own label “Reducing Form”.

His sound get very dark and atmospheric, experimental in a way but still a lot of fun in the dance hall. Expect something new from a artist who's keeping growing and growing in any small step.

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